so all they have done is reword the demands…..what did I tell ya folks!

They’ve got a lot of nerve to pull this (twice!) in Texas.

Tell them to Fuck off . If I were governor of Texas id tell mayor twat face to shove it .

If this does not absolutely terrify you then please share with me whatever you’re smoking

This is ridiculous. They do realize that calling them speeches doesn’t make them exempt from the First Amendment, which protects the freedom OF SPEECH.

Makes me ashamed to even live in the Houston AREA.  I’ve been hearing all about this…and I wonder.  If they’re ordering the speeches from the pastors because of their views on homosexuality, why haven’t they targeted the mosques as well?  Muslims are far more violently opposed to gay people, just look at what happens in the middle east to them!

"If I can talk to you and not be judged, reblog this."

I see this post going everywhere, and it really gets annoying seeing the “j” word thrown around so much these days.

Judging is forming an opinion on something.  If you’re not judging, you must not be alive.  Just because the person is judging you doesn’t mean it could be all bad.  Either a) they’re judging that you’re making a poor decision and they care about you and don’t want you to make said decision, or b) they’re judging you as a good person.  

We NEED to make judgments in order to make rational decisions for ourselves.  If we lived by the completely misunderstood “do not judge” Bible verse as the WORLD sees it (not how it ACTUALLY means it), then we’d not even be allowed to order anything from a drive-thru menu.

"Welcome to [insert place here], can I take your order?"